Calls To Save The Health Situation In Yemen


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Althawra Net

The spokesman of Private Hospitals Union in Yemen Dr. Nabil Dhaban called the World Health Organization and the international community to save the health situation in Yemen

Dhaban  called the United Nations and international organizations for immediate intervention to stop the aggression and lifting the unjust siege on Yemen as well as allow the entry of medicines and medical supplies and relief

” Many of the medical supplies carried out of the drugs inventory. The private sector provides 70% of the health services in the country and now a number of private hospitals have been affected significantly by the Saudi aggression,” he added

He pointed out that the Ministry of Public Health and Population is currently conducting preparations for the Yemeni Health Conference which highlight and diagnosis of the current health situation as well as find practical solutions for the improvement of its services

The Yemeni Health Conference  also aim to deliver a message to the international community and the World Health Organization about the suffering of Yemeni children who die due to lack of medicines and health facilities