Kuwait: Yemeni Peace Talks Start A Different Period


Al-Thawra Net

June 13th, Kuwaiti senior official said that Yemeni Peace Talks advanced toward a political solution, saying that “the negotiations are in the right direction.”

Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah said that the Yemeni Peace Talks in Kuwait started a different period after presenting ideas, initiatives and efforts  to reach a political solution that Yemeni people are looking for .

According to “ KUNA’’ Kuwaiti News agency , Al-Jarallah stressed that UN-backed Yemeni Peace Talks in Kuwait  are in the right direction , expressing his hope toward the positive development  that will led to the  required consensus that peace sides waiting for .

“We see with a satisfaction, Yemeni parties’ willingness in their joint meeting to reach a political solution to save Yemen and Yemenis.” Al-Jarallah added