U.S State Department: Al-Qaeda Still a ‘Serious Threat’

epa04175710 Al-Qaeda militants Sami Dayan (R) and Farhan al-Saadi (2-R) are escorted by soldiers during the sentence hearing at the state security court in Sana’a, Yemen, 22 April 2014. Reports state two al-Qaeda militants, Farhan al-Saadi and Sami Dayan, were sentenced to jail terms ranging from four to 15 years after convicting them of belonging to the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and plotting an assassination of top Yemeni military official Salem Qatan in June 2012, who had led an offensive against al-Qaeda militants in south Yemen. EPA/YAHYA ARHAB

Al-Thawra Net

June 17th, U.S state department announced that six of al-Qaeda fighters killed and injured by its raids during this months. Al-Qaeda and its affiliates still present a “serious threat” to the U.S., the State Department said in its annual report on global terrorism.

It also pointed out that two of the six people killed in the raid in al-Byda’a province  on the eighth of June, while the others were killed in a raid in Marib province  on the tenth of the same month. While  two were killed in a raid in Shabwa province, last Sunday – as reported by the agency “KUNA” the Kuwaiti.

The report said the al-Qaeda terrorist threat “has evolved” and is now dispersed across the Middle East and North Africa, where some operationally autonomous affiliates are growing increasingly aggressive and taking advantage of instability in the region. The groups are also increasingly financially autonomous from the core al-Qaeda leadership, raising their own funds through illegal operations like kidnapping for ransom and credit card fraud.


According to the State Department, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which is primarily active in Yemen, “continues to pose the most significant threat to the United States and U.S. citizens” among al-Qaeda affiliates. The leader of the group, which carried out roughly 100 attacks in Yemen last year and has attempted multiple attacks on the U.S., was designated the deputy to al-Qaeda head Ayman al-Zawahiri in 2013.