BBC : Yemen Is One An Issue That Shaped The Middle East In 2016


Al-Thawra Net

BBC website said that Yemen is one of the issues which shaped the Middle East in 2016. The website said that the war of the  Saudi-led coalition in Yemen pushed the country  into  a catastrophe.

Figures are not precise but one estimate is that 10,000 have been killed in the war and 37,000 wounded. Many are civilians.

According to the UNHCR, the UN’s refugee agency, 19 million people in Yemen need urgent assistance. More than half the population has no healthcare. Large numbers of Yemenis have been displaced by the war and are destitute.

“Every war is brutal but the one in Yemen also features the grotesque sight of the region’s wealthiest countries bombing the poorest, helped by the US and Britain who sell vast amounts of weaponry to the Saudis and other coalition allies. ” the BBC said

Despite all that firepower, the Saudis didn’t achieved their goals in Yemen, which means that misery and death will be the fate of many Yemenis in 2017, added the BBC.

All that is good news for the jihadists of al-Qaeda and Islamic State who have a haven, and a source of recruits, in Yemen.