Guernsey States Will Make Further Donations to Yemen Crisis


Al-Thawra net

Guernsey States have agreed to make further donations to the Yemen crisis appeal.

It comes after the country faces new challenges over the cholera epidemic, which broke out earlier this year and placed new demands on the country’s already fractured health care system.

Te crisis appeal, which launched last year by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), has now extended it’s scope to include funding for programmes to treat those who have contracted the waterborne disease.

Last year the Overseas Aid & Development Commission donated £50,000 to the war-torn country to help families affected by the crisis.

Deputy Yerby, President of the Overseas Aid & Development Commission, hopes a further donation to the appeal will help to reduce the cholera epidemic spreading further.

In reaching its decision to make a further donation to the DEC appeal, the Commission recognized that people with cholera who can access health services normally survive. However, nearly 15 million people in Yemen are unable to get basic health care while almost 16 million don’t have access to clean water because of damage to infrastructure by the Saudi airstrikes– meaning that cholera could have a devastating toll. The Commission is confident that this further donation will make a positive contribution to the work the many aid agencies are undertaking to treat those who have contracted cholera and reduce the likelihood of the epidemic spreading further.