Armed Forces Spokesman Denies Allegations of Saudi Enemy Regarding The Storage of Weapons In Civilian Houses


Al-Thawra Net

Gen. Sharaf Ghalib Luqman, Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman denied in detail the  allegations and the lies and fabrications of the Saudi enemy media  reported that the army and  Popular Committees have stored weapons in houses and civilian houses.

“The allegations of the forces of aggression in this regard go away from reality, and have no logic but only to justify the crimes of aggression, past and subsequent, against innocent children and women,” Brig. Gen. Sharaf Ghaleb Luqman said in statement  to SABA

“The army and the popular committees, with their noble morals and values, military honor and religious commitment, have led them to the fields of honor to defend the homeland and self-sacrifice for the security and safety of their people,” Brig. Gen added

He called on the people of Yemen to be vigilant and not to deal with what the alliance of aggression is trying to do with malicious lies, in which they are trying to win the battle in which they have been defeated.