Saudi Aggression Continue Its Criminal Crimes Against Women And Children


Saudi Warplanes continued its crimes against children and women in the past 24 hours, killing four children and injuring 11 others, including women and children .

A military source told SABA  that four children were killed and 10 others were injured, including a woman and children, following two raids by the warplanes  on the Gammar district in Sa’ada governorate .

The source said that the aggression launched two raids on the new university in Sa’ada, which led to the death of the guard, and destroyed  a citizen’s house  of the directorate of Baqem, and launched a raid on the region of  Razih directorate and another raid on the district  of Sohar .

Different areas of the directorates  of Razih and Shada border were bombed by  Saudi missiles and artillery bombardment of, and also bombed  below Mount Meran in the directorate of Haidan .

In the capital, Sanaa, the aggerssion warplanes  launched two raids on the Aviation College and seven raids on Sana’a International Airport  and Al-Dailami base .

The source pointed out that the hostile aircraft launched a raid on the directorate of Harf Sufian in ‘Amran governorate and 13 raids on different areas of Harad and Midi .