Four Civilians Killed By Saudi Aggression In The Past 24 Hours


The Saudi warplanes  launched more than 17 raids on the governorates of Hodeidah, Sa’ada and Sana’a. The border areas were hit by rocket and artillery fire, killing four civilians and destroying property during the last 24 hours .

A military source told Saba news agency that two citizens were killed  by Saudi rocket and artillery bombardment of the populated villages in the Manibeh and Razih border directorates .

The source also confirmed that two citizens were killed during three raids by the warplanes One of the raids  targeted a car were traveling in  Al Ammar area in Al-Suafra  , Two raids on Razih in the province of  Sa’ada . Another raid was at Al-Wahda School in Ghammar directorates .

The source pointed out that the warplanes  launched more than 10 raids targeted citizens farms in the directorate Aldrehami in the province of Hodeidah .

The source pointed out that the  aggression destroyed the house of a citizen in the the directorate of Nehim  in Sana’a province  .