Civilians at Extreme Risk in Yemen


Air attacks in and around Hodeida are increasing insecurity in Yemen and putting innocent civilians at extreme risk, warned the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in that country, Lise Grande.

In recent days, the attacks occurred near a reproductive health center and a public laboratory, damaged a sanitation facility in Zabid and a water station that supplies Hodeida city, she said.

Despite working under extremely difficult conditions, the UN and its humanitarian partners have reached some 80 percent of displaced people with assistance, he said.

But the damage to sanitation, water and health facilities endangers the civilian population, aid personnel and efforts to alleviate the crisis.

According to Grande, if the current situation is sustained, the risk of a cholera epidemic is imminent.

Yemen is one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, while some 8.4 million people struggle to find their next meal every day, according to UN figures.