Ibb Governor Meets Deputy Head of OCHA Office in Yemen


Al-Thawra Net

Ibb governor Abdul Wahed Salah on Friday met with the Deputy head of OCHA Office in Yemen Sarah Hilding.

During the meeting, they discussed the humanitarian interventions of OCHA in Ibb province to support the displaced and affected people by the current situation which the country is going through.

They also reviewed the implemented humanitarian works and the role of OCHA in accommodating the displaced people who came from Hodeidah.

Deputy Head of OCHA Office, Sarah Hilding briefed to the governor a clarification on the work plan of the humanitarian projects that it will implement in the province to alleviate the suffering of the displaced and affected people

Over the past two weeks, OCHA registered 1,100 families were displaced from Hodeidah and provided 700 families with accommodation in the province, Deputy Head of OCHA Office said.

The governor called on all the international organizations and OCHA working in the humanitarian fields to step up efforts to provide support and assistance for the displaced and affected people.