“Fifty-year old UAE is occupying a country with 13,000 years of history”: UN advisor condemns Emirati occupation


Al-Thawra Net

Marian Gon, an advisor to the UN Security Council for Middle East Affairs, has on Friday launched a verbal attack on the United Arab Emirates.

She made a strong mockery of the Emirati actions in Yemen, as a 50-year-old country is attacking Yemen, with a civilization dating back over 13,000 years.

“The wonder of the war and conflict in Yemen is that a 50-year-old UAE, which used to be called the coast of Oman, today occupies and dominates a large area, islands, coasts and ports of the Republic of Yemen, whose civilization is ancient. It has an antique history of about 13,000 years,” Marian Gon said on her Twitter account on Friday.

“What exactly is going on? What is the plan?” she asked in another tweet.

She wondered at the UAE’s contradiction between what it claimed it came for and its practices on the ground, which revealed that the so-called legitimacy of Hadi was nothing but a ploy for the UAE to occupy all Yemeni ports, lands and islands.

“In fact, the UAE has prevented Hadi from returning, supports separatist militias and terror cells, and occupies islands, ports, coasts and airports,” she added.

The comments came as a part of criticizing the Saudi-led coalition’s policy in Yemen and exposing the real alliance in the south of Yemen.