Foreign Minister: Calls for peace made by salvation Gov’t came from a position of Strength


Al-Thawra Net

Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf confirmed that the calls for peace issued by the brave National Leadership and forces in Sana’a come from a position of strength not weakness.

The Minister said in a statement to Saba agency, that these calls are emanating from the keenness to stop Yemeni bleeding and in appreciating the steadfastness of the Yemeni People over four years of aggression and siege. He said: “What is needed is a just and honorable peace that brings all Yemeni People together and achieves stability for Yemen.”

Accusing Hadi government of foiling peace attempts, the minister said “whenever there is a hope and international community pressure to achieve peace, the coalition-backed government thwarts the efforts”. “They are unable to return to the homeland, including Aden, which they called it the temporary capital. Everyone knows that the pro-government individuals, whom are driven by the aggression alliance, are working by their own interests away from Yemen and its people needs”, he added.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in this regard pointed to the meeting held by the so-called Minister of Foreign Affairs of the pro-government on April 11, 2019 with members of the Security Council, at the headquarters of the Saudi Arabia in New York. He confirmed that the meeting at the headquarters of the Saudi Arabia represents the pro-government failure and confirms their subjection to Saudi, despite the presence of the headquarters of the Republic of Yemen in New York.

Minister Sharaf pointed out that U.S and Saudi Arabia are the first and final decision makers in the continuation of this war. They are the main drivers of the aggression against Yemen since its first moment and so far. They are responsible for the destruction, crimes and humanitarian disasters while the pro-government are only tools that are controlled and directed by U.S and Saudi to achieve their aggressive goals.