Mohammed al-Houthi condemns continued Saudi-led blockade and aggression and UN inaction


Al-Thawra Net

Chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, has criticized the invading coalition’s continuation of imposing collective punishment on all Yemenis, through the suspension of salaries and the continued blockade with the UN’s indulgence in contravention of international laws.

“Punishing the Yemeni people by stopping salaries and by using blockades, starvation and aggression, is against international humanitarian laws and in violation of the peace plan that we have supported with various initiatives, the most recent being military redeployment in the ports,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said in a tweet on Sunday.

Al-Houthi also remarked upon the Saudi-led invaders’ blockading of the finances of Yemen, which has led to vast numbers of Yemeni employees and functionaries not having received salaries for long periods of time.

“The UN envoy must know that the payment of salaries is a right of the staff, and the Yemeni economy is the right of the people,” he added.

Mohammed al-Houthi also commented on the Saudi-led coalition and the exiled Hadi’s government‘s remarks about the salaries of state employees, stating: “I am surprised by the mercenaries. They try to make the payment into a problem, as if the payment of salaries would come from their coffers of mercenary money!”

The Supreme Revolutionary Committee head continued by stating that “those who care about the country and its people would not compromise the payment of people’s salaries. With every delay, there is increasing discontent against the aggression and its mercenaries.”

“Patriotism is not a slogan on the back of an invaders’ tank, but a stance that rejects the occupiers by making sacrifices with our money and blood, as exemplified by the Yemeni barefoot fighters,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi concluded.