In Video: Activists storm residence of Abu Dhabi crown prince in Geneva


Al- Thawra Net

Dozens of human rights activists have stormed the residence of Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed’s at the Four Seasons Hotel in the Swiss city of Geneva.

Activists shared a video on Sunday evening showing dozens of human rights activists of various Arab nationalities storming bin Zayed’s residence. They chanted slogans against the Emirati involvement in the war against Yemen and the war crimes committed by UAE forces there, describing the Crown Prince as a “war criminal.”

The activists carried banners and pictures of the crown prince, who is often considered to be the de facto ruler of the UAE, with phrases calling him “the devil of the Arabs”, “war criminal” and “wanted for justice.”

As they stormed Four Seasons Hotel before being deported by Swiss police, the activists shouted demands for the trial of Mohamed Ibn Zayed as “a murderer of children and civilians in Yemen, Libya and elsewhere”.

The UAE is facing mounting accusations from regional and international human rights organizations of war crimes in Yemen and Libya for funding armies of mercenaries for the purpose of assassination, arrests and torture.

This is reflected in the sit-ins and demonstrations in front of UAE embassies, consulates and the residences of their rulers in a number of capitals around the world