National delegation proposed full implementation of Hodeidah agreement during negotiations


Al- Thawra Net

The Yemeni delegation to the Coordinating Committee for Redeployment in Hodeidah has on Monday submitted a proposal for the implementation of the first and second phase of the Hodeidah agreement.

The other delegation, which is loyal to the Saudi-led coalition rejected the proposal, suggesting the implementation of only a part of the first item of the Stockholm Agreement.

During the Committee’s meetings, the Yemeni national delegation expressed its readiness to evacuate all the areas concerning with the redeployment of armored vehicles and artillery, while the Saudi party was reluctant to do so.

The Saudi-backed delegation also refused to provide mine maps in the areas under its control, while the Yemeni national delegation expressed its willingness to hand over maps in order ease the to removal of bombs.

The head of the National Delegation in the Committee, Major General Ali al-Mushki, said on Sunday that the Yemeni people “do not wait for meetings that do not push to end the suffering. We are not here to record media points.”

On Sunday, the Coordinating Committee for Redeployment in Hodeidah resumed its meetings aboard a UN ship after a 180-day pause due to the Saudi party’s absence and reluctance.

This comes at a time the Saudi-led coalition forces continue their violations of the Stockholm Agreement, which include launching frequent attacks on positions of the Yemeni army and Popular Committees