Two Citizens Injured By Shelling of Mercenaries in Al-Durahimi


Two citizens were injured in the shelling of the forces of the US-Saudi aggression and its mercenaries on the city of al-Durahimi in Hodeidah province.

A security source confirmed that the forces of the aggression continued to violate the truce agreement in Hodeidah, targeting the city of al-Durahimi with several artillery shells that led to the injury of two citizens of varying injuries.

Two citizens were also killed as a result of heavy shelling and medium weapons by the forces of aggression in the city of al-Durahimi yesterday.

The source said that the city al-Durahimi is in a suffocating siege by the aggression forces for nearly a year, the siege has led to the death of many citizens because they can not go out to receive treatment outside of the city.