Saudi Arabia forcibly hides dozens of Palestinians


Al- Thawra Net

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights has documented the detention of 60 Palestinians, including pilgrims, students, residents, academics and businessmen, at the same time, demanding their immediate release and release unless charged with an offense.

The Geneva-based Human Rights Watch said in a statement that it had documented the testimony of 11 Palestinian families whose children have been arrested or forcibly disappeared in recent months in Saudi Arabia.

PCHR estimated that the number of Palestinians held in Saudi prisons exceeds 60.

He said: “The Saudi authorities isolated the detainees from the outside world without specific indictments or presented to the competent authority (the Public Prosecution), at a time not allowed to contact their relatives or communicate with their lawyers.”

“The campaign of arrests targeting Palestinians is only one of the events in a long series of violations that add to the kingdom’s alarming human rights record,” said Celine Yassar, Communication and Information Officer at the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory.

The Observatory quoted a detainee of Algerian nationality, who was recently released in the Kingdom, on the side of the Palestinian detainees were subjected to violations and methods of torture from interrogators and jailers in the prison “Dahban” Saudi.

The former detainee who left Saudi territory last week: “The jailers were depriving detainees of sleep or access to any medical treatment, although some of them are old.”

“Even food inside the prison is degrading and sometimes in bags, while the jailers have been restricting detainees inside the prison cells.”

The International Observatory for Human Rights said it also monitored detentions of Palestinian-born pilgrims of Arab nationality during the Hajj this year, but their families remain silent on the conditions of their detention in the hope of ending the nightmare of their forced disappearance and returning to normal life.

The Observatory considered the practices of Saudi Arabia in flagrant violation of the requirements of justice, which guaranteed everyone the right to a fair trial, and to know the charges against him, and the right of defense and access to his lawyer.

The Euromed Observatory stressed that under international law, the crime of enforced disappearance persists until the state discloses the fate or whereabouts of the person concerned.

“Therefore, the Saudi King, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, must order the executive authorities in Baladah to immediately disclose the fate of dozens of Palestinians who are They have been subjected to enforced disappearance, the release of others held without specific indictments, an urgent investigation into these cases, and the prosecution of those responsible. ”

The International Observatory called on the Saudi King to address the brutal methods used by the security forces against the disappeared and other forms of ill-treatment, while calling on the international community and Western allies of Saudi Arabia to put pressure on decision makers in the Kingdom to rid the Palestinians of the hell of secret detention centers and detention centers. And end these grave human rights violations.

It is noteworthy that the Palestinians living inside Saudi territory have been subjected to the campaigns of arrest, threat and prosecution are the largest and most dangerous carried out by the Saudi security forces secretly, and without any interference or movements by the Palestinian embassy in Riyadh.

Source: Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor