Minster of Defence: Yemen is developing new defence systems at massive speed


Al-Thawra Net

The Ministry of Defence in the National Salvation Government has announced that it is working on new technologies for its air defence system in order to fully neutralise all Saudi-led coalition aircraft.

In a statement, the Ministry said it was preparing its forces to launch a “strategic offensive that will cripple the Saudi-led aggression coalition capabilities”, promising to strike the United Arab Emirates and Israel with sweeping attacks.

The Yemeni air force and its defences with its new technologies “are working to neutralise hostile aircraft from battle and protect Yemeni airspace for the full 100%,” Major General Mohammed Nasser al-Atefi said.

“Our armed forces have completed all aspects of the construction that would make them capable to launch a comprehensive strategic offensive that cripples the enemy,” he told al-Masirah Newspaper.

“Yemen’s military industries are racing against time at a level that competes with the countries that have preceded us in this field for decades,” he added.

Major General Mohammed al-Atefi reiterated his threat against the UAE, stating: “Our threat to the UAE is still here, and all its conspiratorial moves will be closely monitored.”

In his press statement, General Mohammed Nasser al-Atefi also reiterated his warnings to the Israeli enemy if it decides to attack Yemen.

“We have a databank of naval and ground military targets of the Zionist enemy, and we will not hesitate to strike them if the leadership decides to.”

The Leader of the Revolution Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi has previously promised to strike “severe blows to the most sensitive targets in the State of the Israeli entity in case they commit any folly against Yemen and the Yemeni people. Yemen is ready to declare jihad against Israel.”