Report: 137 civilians killed and injured in November


Al-Thawra Net

On Monday, the Yemeni Center for Human Rights said in its report that 137 citizens were killed and wounded by air and ground attack carried out by Saudi-led aggression coalition in last month of November.

The report affirmed that the killed citizen included women, children and African migrants, as a result of the coalition attacks on Saada and Hodeidah provinces.

in the same month, It explained that the coalition combat jets launched 145 air strikes coinciding with artillery and missiles attacks on 30 residential buildings, 27 housing areas, a civilian community, a market, an airport, a school, and 10 farms.

In this regard, dozens of citizens were killed and wounded in 24 coalition air strikes on several districts and islands of Hodeidah in a flagrant violation of the UN-brokered cease-fire Agreement.

According to the report, more than seven thousand citizens in Al-Durayhimi district suffer from extremely difficult humanitarian conditions as a result of the blockade and targeting the homes and farms of citizens, schools and communication networks in the city by the aggression for more than a year.

Separately, the report indicated that the coalition killed scores of citizens and injured over 50 others, including African immigrants, in air strikes and cluster bombs on Monabbih and Baqim districts.