UAE-backed Separatists accuse Hadi of carrying out assassinations in Aden


Al-Thawra Net

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) has on Monday accused the exiled Hadi’s government of carrying out assassinations in Aden province, southern Yemen.

The council’s spokesman Nizar Haitham said that “Hadi’s government thwarted the Riyadh Agreement, which had failed to implement its first clauses.”

“Hadi’s government, after arriving in Aden, wants to practice its work normally, ignoring that it is a caretaker government,” he added.

The spokesman revealed the reason for the STC’s refusal to allow any forces loyal to Hadi in Aden, stressing that no military elements should be allowed to enter before the appointment of a new governor and security director in Aden, according to the Riyadh agreement.

In the same context, Haitham pointed out that the forces that clashed with the STC’s militia in Ahwar city of Abyan province, were not affiliated with the presidential protection brigades, but rather came from Ma’rib province, which is controlled by the pro-Hadi Islah Party.

On the assassinations in Aden, he said that “Islah is trying to show Aden as unsafe,” and revealed the arrest of an alleged group of assassins.