Italian Conference Condemns US Policy In The Middle East


Al- Thawra Net

On Sunday, a group of activists in the city of Modena, in the north of Italy, held a conference discussing the US policy in the Middle East.

The conference was organized by “the Terra dei Padri” association based in Italy.

During the conference, they discussed in details “the strategy of chaos in the Middle East” by the US and its allies in Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen.

They further confirmed that the people in these countries are struggling to safeguard their sovereignty against arrogant powers and their extremist allies.

Activists accused the US of creating chaos and conflicts among people in the region to achieve their own interests.

The US raises conflicts and hostility among different ethnic, national and religious groups and helps extremist groups such as ISIS, according to the activists.

The participants in the conference voiced their support to the Axis of Resistance. They confirmed that the Axis of Resistance is becoming stronger in the face of the US plans and conspiracies that will definitely fail.

They condemned the assassination of Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Quds Force in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.