Saudi plan to hand over Aden to Al-Qaeda


A media close to the Southern Transitional Council, funded by the UAE, revealed a Saudi plan to hand over the city of Aden, southern Yemen, to individuals of the terrorist organization, Al-Qaeda.

Salah Bin Laghbar Wednesday said on Twitter, that the Muslims Brotherhood and al-Qaeda forces will be admitted to Aden, in civilian clothes, under the justification of paying their salaries. Bin Laghbar confirmed that these troops will be armed after entering Aden, by other forces, in reference to the Saudi forces.

The Southern Transitional Council militias Tuesday carried out a wide military deployment, through which they established a number of checkpoints in the streets of Aden, after accusations by Saudi Arabia of financing terrorist operations that led to the death of many of the transitional military leaders during the past days.

The southern activists, loyal to the transitional, had organized, last week, demonstrations accusing Saudi forces of supporting terrorist groups in the occupied provinces.