Video: Major and strategic mountains close to Marib liberated


Al-Thawra Net

Military media released on Friday released video footage showing the Yemeni Amy launching an offensive against Saudi-led coalition sites in in Ma’rib province.

These new footage is a part of the military Operation Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous.

The video shows the Yemeni storming the and securing the Salb and al-Adarm mountains and others sites overlooking on the major regional city of Ma’rib.

The video showed the army and Popular Committees storming the Saudi-led coalition’s sites from several sides.

The footage also showed the amount of military equipment captured by the Yemeni army forces, including tanks, armoured cars and military vehicles.

The video furthermore shows dozens of the mercenaries killed and wounded, in addition to hundreds of those who were captured during the operation.

The spokesman of the Yemeni army, Yahya Sare’e affirmed in a statement last week that the army liberated Nihm district and sever districts of Ma’rib and Jawf province, with a tot area of 2,500 square kilometers.

Marib city contains a large stockpile of gas and oil wealth, much of which has been stolen and looted by the coalition and its mercenaries over the past years, while the Yemeni people are suffering from the worsening humanitarian and economic crisis as a result of the Saudi aggression on Yemen.