Shura Council warns of environmental disaster caused by floating tank, Saffer


Al- Thawra Net

Shura Council held Saturday, a meeting to discuss the detailed report of the Environment and Tourism Committee on the floating tank, Saffer on the Red Sea.

The Council warned of a catastrophic environmental disaster caused by the tank, calling on the countries bordering the Red Sea to press for a solution to the problem in order to quickly avoid the disaster.

The tank, Saffer, contains about 8 million barrels of crude oil, which is considered a time bomb that its environmental repercussions will reach to neighboring countries, as it lacks maintenance since the aggression was launched on Yemen.

US-Saudi aggression has prevented the supply of Saffer with diesel to run generators for cooling and discharging gas emitted from crude oil, as the warships of the aggression have intercepted the tanker Rama 1 and prevented it from entering the Yemeni regional and local waters to empty 3000 tons of material on Saffer.