Yemen’s health minister calls on all doctors and health workers to stand ready for coronavirus


Al- Thawra Net

Minister of Public Health and Population in the National Salvation Government, Dr. Taha Al Mutawakkil has called on all public and private health workers and students in medical schools and health institutes to prepare and stand ready.

“My brothers and sisters doctors, my brothers and sisters in the public and private health sectors, my brothers and sisters studying in medical colleges and health institutes: prepare and be ready for an important and forthcoming announcement of the Ministry of Public Health and Population on Saturday, March 21, 2020,” Dr. Taha Al Mutawakkil wrote on her Twitter account.

“Yes, official and popular efforts to counter the corona virus will be joined,” the statement said.

Fears that the covid-19 strand of corona virus will spread to Yemen have led the National Salvation Government to take strict precautions, in order to prevent a potential massive disaster in the already wartorn nation.