Fifth Anniversary of ” Mother of bombs” crime on Atan area


On April 20, 2015, the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen carried out a war crime by throwing an internationally banned bomb with huge destruction on the neighborhood of Faj Atan in the capital Sana’a, later known as the “the crime of Faj Atan”.


The bomb killed 84 civilians and wounded 800 people in an area of more than 3 square kilometers inside the city’s residential neighborhoods.

Although five years have passed, the residents of the capital still remember the horrific tragedy of that morning, describing this crime as Hiroshima Atan. Eighty percent of the residents of the neighborhood where the bomb was thrown were destroyed, 700 homes and service facilities were damaged, and more than 200 cars were destroyed.

The “mother of bombs” that targeted the region of Faj Atan, is the largest non-nuclear bomb in the world. It has generated tremendous heat energy that exceeded the melting point of minerals and resulted in radiation with a very high degree, which caused the deformation of fetuses in the targeted area.

International human rights organizations have called for an investigation into the aggression’s use of internationally prohibited weapons to bomb civilians in Yemen