General Federation of Yemeni Trade Unions reveals statistics on May Day


Al-Thawra Net

The General Federation of Yemeni Trade Unions announced on Saturday that nearly 17,000 workers in Yemen have been killed and injured due to Saudi-led coalition air strikes during the five years of the Saudi war against Yemen.

During a press conference held in the capital Sana’a marking the International Workers’ Day, which falls in the First of May every year, the Federation explained that at least 6,229 workers have been killed and 10,698 others were wounded as a result of direct coalition raids in the past five years.

“The coalition targeted 355 factories, causing the killing and injuring of more than 878 workers,” the Federation said.

The Federation pointed out that the coalition’s targeting of industrial facilities has led to an increase in unemployment numbers.

The General Federation of Yemeni Trade Unions indicated that more than 15,000 workers lost their job opportunities in the oil sector alone due to the aggression and the blockade. It also noted that the transfer of the Centrale Bank to Aden by Hadi forces has caused the interruption of salary payments, which has affected thousands of workers in the country.

The Federation held the coalition forces fully responsible for the destruction inflicted on the country.

In the conference, The General Federation of Yemeni Trade Unions stressed its solidarity with the workers of the world, and the struggle of Palestinian workers in particular. The Federation also condemned the German classification of Hezbollah as a “terrorist organisation.”