Health Ministry spokesman reveals details of WHO’s medical solutions


Al- Thawra Net

Yemen’s Ministry of Health spokesman dr. Yousef Al-Hadhri revealed details about the medical solutions submitted by the World Health Organization for Yemen to examine samples of suspected cases of Coronavirus infections.

“Coronavirus tests were conducted on animal samples with solutions provided by the United Nations to Yemen, and showed positive results, which raised the suspicion of the competent authorities,” Dr. Al-Hadhri said during an interview with Al Masirah TV on Friday night.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health added that “the treatment of international organizations has not risen to the level of the crisis faced by the health sector in Yemen.”

Dr. Al-Hadhri continued: “The international organizations are working on describing the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Yemen in order to earn money and not carry out their responsibilities on the ground.”

It is noteworthy that the United Nations organizations issued a humanitarian appeal on Thursday to the international community to donate supporting the efforts to save Yemen in the face of the Corona epidemic (Covid-19) and relief efforts for the poor and the displaced.