Army spokesman reveals details of major military operation


Al-Thawra Net

The Yemeni army forces on Monday revealed the details of a major military operation that led to liberate large areas in both Bayda and Marib provinces, estimated at 400 square kilometers.

During a press conference held this afternoon, the army’s spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e announced that the armed forces and the popular committees backed by the free honorable people of Bayda province have completed clearing an area of 400 square kilometers in Bayda and Marib.

Sare’e pointed out that during the military operations towards Qaniyah front of Bayda, the enemy witnessed extensive collapses in its ranks and daily casualties.

In the conference, the army spokesman reviewed the military support provided by the aggression countries to the traitor Yasser al-Awadi through two military brigades led by the mercenaries Abdulrab al-Asbahi and Saif al-Shadadi, in addition to a number of military armored vehicles and various equipment and mercenaries from al-Qaeda and ISIS, as well as an air cover with more than 200 air raids by the aggression coalition aircraft.

Sare’e explained that the offensive plan to eliminate the sedition of the traitorous al-Awadi necessitated advancing from four tracks: which are al-Qurashiya, al-Sawadiyah, al-Malajem, and al-Sodiya,

He praised the cooperation of the citizens of Radman district with the army forces in sparing their district the destruction and occupation.

The army spokesman said that the number of dead, injured and prisoners of the enemy forces during the operation, which lasted three days, amounted to more than 250, in addition to destroying at least 20 military vehicles and seizing large quantities of weapons, including stores.

He added that after the liberation of large areas in Bayda and Marib, the army began immediately measures to re-normalize the conditions in those areas.