Bahrain admits to another casualty fallen in war against Yemen


Al-Thawra Net

The Kingdom of Bahrain announced on Friday the death of one of its officers participating in the US-backed Saudi-led invasion forces in Yemen.

In a statement posted on its Twitter account late Thursday, the Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) mourned the death of “staff warrant officer Jumma Mubarak Salem” who had been killed in Yemen, as part of coalition operations

The statement explained that the officer “is from the group of operational duty within the coalition forces.” However, it did not give any further details about the circumstances of his death in Yemen, or the location and date of his death.

Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Dhiab bin Saqr Al Nuaimi, received the body on Friday at Issa Air Base,” the statement read.

The statement concluded by noting that a special military funeral was held for the officer at Issa Air Base, which is located on the Arabian Gulf off the east coast of Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain, an absolute monarchy ruled by a Wahhabi royal family infamous for its suppression of the Shia majority population, joined the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen in 2015.