Vast locust swarms appear in Sana’a


Al-Thawra Net

Swarms of desert locusts have covered the sky over the Yemeni capital Sana’a on Friday morning, coming from their summer breeding areas in Ma’rib and the southern coast.

According to the Desert Locust Control Center, these swarms of locusts come from areas that have not experienced locust control, in the eastern areas of Ma’rib and the occupied southern coasts.

It pointed out that locust will continue to pass through the next two weeks.

The center indicated that these are mature locusts that will return to the summer and desert breeding areas for laying eggs and breeding as a result of the availability of suitable environmental conditions of moisture, rain and vegetation cover.

According to the center’s specialists, flying locust swarms do not pose a threat to agricultural crops at the moment, but the real danger lies in the locations where they lay eggs and reach the hatching stage, as the exit of small locust nymphs (dabba) that feed on plants may cause heavy destruction to crops and green trees.

They added that appropriate environmental conditions are also factors that help locust nymphs to continue to form large locust swarms, that are difficult to control with normal means.