Al-Bukhaiti says Sana’a still extends its hand for peace

محمد البخيتي

Al-Thawra Net

Member of the national reconciliation team, Mohammad Al-Bukhaiti, affirmed on Saturday that the political forces in the capital Sana’a “has been exerting efforts to extend their hand for peace.”

Al-Bukhaiti said on his Twitter account, stressing that the Saudi-led aggression coalition backed other side didn’t respond to a call for peace to be coward and they are neither men of war nor men of peace, and their decision is not in their hands.

In response to accusations made by Abdel Aziz Jabbari, the Saudi-backed exiled Hadi’s advisor, on peace, Al-Bukhaiti asked Jubari. “Do you have the audacity to assign your representatives to meet with the team of national reconciliation and the political solution mandated by the national forces to file the internal dialogue to achieve peace?