Four children killed, two wounded in cluster bomb blast in Marib


Al-Thawra Net

The internationally banned cluster bombs dropped by the Saudi-led aggression coalition on Yemen continue to claim the lives of innocent civilians in pastures and valleys, especially affecting children.

According to a security official, at least four children were killed on Monday and two others wounded, when a cluster bomb thrown by US-backed Saudi-led aggression forces exploded in Marib province.

The source confirmed that four children were killed and two others injured in al-Hazm village of Hareeb al-Qaramish district.

“The unexploded cluster bombs dropped on the province continue to kill innocent civilians, mostly children, while they are grazing their livestock,” the source said.

Internationally, the legal regulations governing the control of war and rules of engagement prohibit the use of cluster bombs against civilians or on residential neighbourhoods and civilian communities. Nevertheless, even though the Saudi-led coalition has already acknowledged their use, no action has been taken by the international community.

Saudi coalition warplanes have killed and wounded at least 75 civilians, including 36 children and 22 women, since the United Nations removed its name from a blacklist of children’s rights violators in June.