Ansarullah Political Bureau condemns Bahrain’s normalization with Zionist entity


Al-Thawra Net

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah confirmed, on Friday, that it was not surprised by the announcement of normalization between the Bahraini regime and the Israeli enemy.

the Bureau said , in a statement,  that “publicly joining the train of normalization is a result of a dependent regime that lives under American and Israeli protection.”

The statement pointed out in a statement that the regimes rushing towards normalization do not represent their people and will pay the price of betrayal at a great cost.

It pointed out that the Palestinian cause has relieved the burden of regimes that have long been secretly stabs treachery, and today they are publicly known.

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah renewed its stand by the Bahraini people in their legitimate struggle to restore their dignity and the sovereignty of their state and get rid of the system of dependency, betrayal and tyranny.