Health Spokesperson: Health Sector Coming to Complete Stop, due to Detention of Oil Derivatives by Saudi-led Forces


The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Youssef Al-Hadheri, said on Wednesday, that the health sector will come to a complete stop, in the coming days, if the aggression continues to detain oil ships.

Dr. Al-Hadheri explained to Almasirah that the Blood Transfusion Center continuously working to secure health centers needs, and this raises its need for oil derivatives. He added that “If the aggression coalition continues its piracy, in the coming days we will see many hospitals and health centers coming to a stop.”

The health spokesman issued a new appeal to the United Nations, indicating that if it is unable to put pressure on the coalition of aggression to stop its piracy of oil derivatives, the UN must acknowledge that. That is the only way to expose the Saudi-led aggression.