Prime Minister: US influenced former regime decision


Al-Thawra Net

The Prime Minister Dr. said that “before the September 21st revolution, many state officials got their daily tasks assigned by foreign embassies.” He told Almasirah on the sixth anniversary of the September 21 revolution that “the September 21 revolution is a Yemeni popular revolution for all the Yemeni people, and that reality has proven the falsehood of the aggression’s claims that the September 21 revolution is a sectarian revolution, and today there is equal opportunities for all citizens.”

He pointed out that some of the teams participating in the National Dialogue in 2013 were managed from outside the halls, and were directly affiliated with foreign embassies.

Prime Minister, Bin Habtoor, revealed that the leaders of the parties to the dialogue were meeting in Abed Rabbo’s house, but they were not allowed to meet without the presence of Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, Hamid Al-Ahmar and the US ambassador.

Bin Habtoor said, “I refused the aggression’s request to lead what they called the“ resistance ”in Aden, and all those who carried weapons at the time were from Al Qaeda and ISIS.”

The prime minister added, “The presence of Abd Rabbo benefits Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, as he agrees with everything they want, and is silent about the presence of some Zionist military personnel in Mayon and Socotra,” noting that the Americans seek to divide Yemen.

“The announcement of the aggression on Yemen from America indicates that it is an American aggression, and the agents in the region are absolutely implementing its agenda.” he said.

He added, “2000 days of steadfastness in the face of aggression is a milestone and victory for Yemen at all levels”. He  pointed out that the popular committees formed a tributary role for the Yemeni army in facing the aggression, and steadfastness for 2000 days is an asset to be added to the honorable Yemeni history in facing the invaders.