Supreme political Council congratulates all freed prisoners of army, popular committees

المجلس السياسي الأعلى يقر تشكيل حكومة الإنقاذ الوطني

Al-Thawra Net

The Supreme political Council (SPC) on Friday congratulated all freed prisoners of the army and popular committees, and all the Yemeni people on the success of the prisoner exchange deal and their return home safely and peacefully.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Supreme political Council expressed its hope that this operation would be a first step followed by steps to release all prisoners on the basis of all against all, considering the prisoners’ file as a human file, in the first place, that should not be compromised or politicized.

The Council considered this achievement as a result of the patience and stability of the heroic prisoners in the prisons of aggression, as they were established in the battle fronts.

The statement said, “We pledge in the Supreme political Council, to all prisoners and their families that we will work very hard to follow up this file until the return of the last prisoner to his homeland and his family.


The Supreme political Council called on the United Nations to work hard to lift the embargo and to lift the unjust blockade imposed on Sana’a airport and the rest of the land and sea outlets.