Al-Houthi :Aramco Missile is 100% Yemeni-Made


The missile that targeted the Saudi Aramco facility last Monday was “100% Yemeni industry,” member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi said.

“The more Saudi Arabia continues its war on Yemen, targeting vital installations, the more targeting, confrontation and defense of land and honor will continue,” he added.

“We got acquainted with the enemy with its unethical practices, its bombing, its continuous targeting of the Yemeni people, the blockade, the air embargo, preventing the travel of patients for treatment, stopping the salaries of employees and destroying the Yemeni currency… The more the Yemeni people are targeted, the more steadfast they are.”

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia has been targeting and conspiring against the Yemeni people for 6 years. “The more you continue to normalize, the more you confirm your crimes. Normalization, the bombing of the Yemeni people and the siege are one of the images of your crimes.”

He stressed that “the Yemeni people will not submit or retreat in the face of aggression,” and that there is only one way for the countries of aggression, which is “to move towards honorable peace, otherwise, the battle will continue until victory.”

He stated that the Quds missile surpassed the defenses that Saudi Arabia recently brought in. “Go to America again and buy new defense weapons because the missile broke your defense systems.”