New Agreement with UN Mission Regarding Redeployment of Military Forces in Hodeidah


Member of the national team for redeployment in Hodeidah governorate, Major General Mohammad al-Qadri, revealed, Sunday, that they had reached an agreement with the UN mission regarding the redeployment of military forces in the governorate.

In a series of tweets on Twitter, al-Qadri said that the head of the United Nations mission, General Abhijit Guha, gave a detailed explanation to the national team about the places of withdrawal and redeployment of the coalition forces, from Kylo 8, where the redeployment distance of the coalition forces will reach 8 km from the Thabit Brotherhood Industrial Complex, east of Hodeidah city .

“Today’s meeting culminated in an agreement on important provisions that will be published later, after agreeing on them and returning the other team in the Joint Coordination Committee for the Redeployment in Hodeidah to the implementation table of Stockholm Agreement that was reached on December 13, 2018,” al-Qadri stressed.