4,500 mislead people returned to home since the beginning of 2020


The head of operations of the National Center for Returnees, Major General Rashad Mohammed al-Yamani, revealed the return of four thousand five hundred mislead people  to the home, from the beginning of January 2020 AD until the end of last January.

Al-Yamani said, in an interview, that those registered in the database of the National Center for Returnees since the issuance of the general amnesty decision until December 2020 reached twelve thousand returnees to the homeland.

He stated that the center is following up the returnees, starting from their movement until receiving them from the returnee reception unit, indicating that the returnees go freely to their villages and areas after completing the procedures to ensure that they will not return to the ranks of aggression again.

Al-Yamani called all those who are still fighting in the ranks of the aggression to return to the right path and call the number “176” or contact their trusted relatives, brothers, and sheiks to coordinate them, stressing that the center is ready to provide everything that can be offered to the returnees and facilitate their access to their villages, regions, and families.