Al-Faishi: Islah Party Seized Marib 6 Years Ago to Plunder Its Oil and Gas


The head of the National Reconciliation Committee, Yousef Al-Faishi, said Wednesday, that the Islah Party seized Marib 6 years ago to plunder its oil and gas, which is the property of all Yemenis.

Al-Faishi confirmed that the mercenaries these days are desperate for stopping the battle in Marib.

Commenting on the appointment of a special US envoy to Yemen, he wondered, “Since when did they begin to care about Yemen, human rights, and they were the ones who killed children and women for 6 years?”

He pointed out that “the most heinous massacres were in during the American Democratic Party, and war was declared against us during their rule.”

He said, “The Americans have reversed their decision because they discovered that it is against the whole Yemeni people.”