President Raisi: No one outside Yemen can decide about its destiny


President Ebrahim Raisi said no one outside Yemen can decide about its destiny and stressed that today the entire world and even the aggressors clearly know who the real victorious side in that scene is.

He made the remark in a meeting with the special envoy of Yemeni National Salvation Government Muhammad Abdulsalam here on Wednesday.

Praising the performance of the Yemeni National Salvation Government, and the brave resistance of the Yemeni people in confrontation with the oppressors and the intruders, President Raisi reiterated that today Yemen is the symbol of resistance and bravery against the global oppression, and the pride of the Islamic and Arab worlds.

The brave resistance and steadfastness of the Yemeni people and youth in the way of defending their dignity and independence in confrontation with the global oppression and its mercenaries has amazed the world nations and this is not only a cause for pride of the Yemeni people, but also belongs to the entire Muslims and freedom lovers of the world, added the president.

Raisi emphasized that the Yemeni people and the Jihadi forces are the victorious side at the battlefield, stressing that presently the entire world nations, and even the intruders themselves, know clearly who the victorious side at that field is.

The President said that the fate of Yemen must be decided by the Yemeni people, emphasizing that no one outside Yemen can decide about that country.

The special envoy of the Yemeni Salvation Government, too, in the meeting both congratulated Raisi for being elected by the Iranian nation and expressed delight over his victory in the elections, adding: Yemen has taken long strides in the path towards development and advancement, and sees itself in that path side by side of the Iranians, and a supporter of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Abdulsalam said that Iran and Yemen are at the same front against the global oppression and noted that the people of Yemen have chosen the path of resistance and will proceed on the same path stronger than ever before.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA)