Al-Ameri: Saudi aggression bombed Sirwah district with more than 30,000 airstrikes


Over 650 homes, public and private properties have been destroyed as a result of 30,000 airstrikes of the Saudi-led aggression  coalition fighter jets on Sirwah district of Marib province.

Director-General of Sirwah district in Marib, Sheikh Marei Al-Ameri, in a news statement, affirmed that the coalition fighter jets destroyed over 500 homes, 22 schools, 4 health units and more than 12 mosques, as well as 100 agricultural fields and 7 water projects, in and 3 archaeological sites and 3 camps for the displaced people.

As a result of airstrikes, more than 12,000 families has been displaced from Sirwah district, and electricity and water projects, and others, were completely destroyed in an unprecedented criminal manner that has made these displaced families to the tragic and catastrophic situation, he said.

Al-Ameri pointed out that over 20 thousand students have been deprived of education since of the beginning of the seventh year of the aggression against Yemen, noting that the movement of life in Sirwah is paralyzed and the conditions of the displaced need urgent intervention by government agencies and organizations in providing humanitarian aid.

With regard to the prohibited remnants of the coalition’s weapons, the director general of Sirwah district revealed that the coalition’s prohibited remnants of cluster bombs and others in farms and roads are large, and solutions and treatments must be found to prevent their catastrophic effects.