Violent Explosion Rocks Aden City


An explosion rocked the city of Aden shortly before reaching Lahj governorate.

The explosion comes with renewed protests in the city amid the preparations of the Transitional Council to control the situation by force.

Media and local sources reported that the explosion took place on the northern outskirts of the city of Aden, all the way to the city of Al-Houta in Lahj.

The motives and causes of the explosion have not yet been known, but its location indicates the possibility of targeting gatherings of the transitional factions, which early sent reinforcements from Al-Dhalea to Dar Saad in preparation for deployment in the districts of Aden, which has witnessed riots and chaos two days ago.

The explosion comes amid the return of protests in the city after a bloody night as the transitional factions tried to control the protests condemning the deteriorating situation and demanding the departure of the transitional, the coalition and legitimacy.