Czech political analyst : War on Yemen is Vietnam Saudi


Al-Thawra Net

Aondreign Cocina, Czech political analyst, criticized the international community for the ongoing crimes committed by the Saudi regime against the people of Yemen, pointing out that the Saudi aggression brought Yemen into a real humanitarian disaster.

Cocina in an article published  on the welectronicebsite “your cause”  was surprised not to impose any sanctions against the Saudi regime, despite documented crimes committed in Yemen

He pointed out that the Saudi aggression against Yemen made the country to reach  a “humanitarian catastrophe ” with civilian infrastructure and many of the hospitals of the destroyed  by the  aggression.

Cocina said that crimes committed by the Saudi regime are considered to be war crimes and represents a flagrant violation of the Geneva Conventions and international law by the recognition of a lot of human rights and humanitarian international organizations . “The end is not in sight now and people started talking about that Yemen has turned into a” Vietnam Saudi as a  guerrilla war long-term can’t  be won by  Saudi Arabia . ” he said