Yemeni Army Advances in Hreb Nihem


Al-Thawra Net

February 5th, Yemeni army killed dozens of Saudi-American aggression mercenaries and others were wounded, as well as destroying five military vehicles in an advancing for Yemeni Army and Popular committees in Hreib Nihem northeast of Sana’a province.

Military source confirmed to al-Masirah net that the Yemeni Army and popular committees force killed dozens of mercenaries as well as destroying five military vehicles  during the advancing fo the Army and popular committees towards the Saudi-American mercenaries sties in Hreib Nihem .

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Army and popular Committees forces stopped an advancing attempt to creep for Saudi’s mercenaries towards al-Guetb and al- Rubah Mountains in Nihem district, causing dozens of death and wounded in the ranks of mercenaries