Ministry Of Health: 30,676 causalities Due To Saudi-American Aggression


Al-Thawra Net

March 25th, the Ministry of Public Health and Population stated that the numbers of causalities are 30 thousands and 676 martyrs, wounded and disabled due to the long tow-Years of Saudi-American aggression on Yemen.

During a press conference, Dr. Nasser al-Arjali the ministry adviser showed the effects of the Saudi-American aggression on health sector, indicating that the numbers of Martyrs that reached 9,175 martyrs, including 1,818 children and 370 women, while the numbers of injured reached to 19,631 wounded, pointing out that the total number of disabled reached to 1, 870.

Moreover, al-Arjali pointed out that the number of the affected health Facilities by Saudi-led coalition aggression reached to 180 facilities, 232 health units, 63 ambulance cars and two Oxygen factories, clarifying that the total number of the material losses of health Facilities amounted to $8 billion and 342 million riyals and the medical equipment casualties amounted to US $ 90 million and 865 thousand.

The ministry adviser warned of health System collapse due to the constant blocked by Saudi-American aggression that target the institutions and health facilities that providing  medical and humanitarian services  .

Dr. Nasser al-Arjali called  on the international community  and humanitarian organizations to stop the Saudi barbaric and brutal aggression,  to  lift  blockade  and saving health situation  which is  facing humanitarian disaster.