3,000 Martyrs And Wounded In Sana’a Province During Two Years Of Aggression


Al-Thawra Net

The number of martyrs and wounded in the Saudi-American airstrikes aggression on Sana’a province in two years of aggression totaled 3,000, 186 martyrs and wounded.

A report issued by the Health Bureau in the Sana’a, clarified that the number of martyrs during the two –long years of the aggression on the Sana’a reached 658 martyrs, including 78 children and 61 women, while the number of wounded reached to 2, 538, including 152 children and 125 women.

The report indicated that the number of martyrs in the center of the province since the beginning of the brutal aggression until 26 March 2017 reached to 159 martyrs leading the list of martyrs and wounded after the Grand t Hall massacre, which killed 150 martyrs and 798 wounded.

Moreover , the report pointed out that the number of martyrs  in Niham directorate reached to 142 martyrs and 92 martyrs in Jahana’a  directorate,  while the number of martyrs in Arhab  tribe rose to 51 after the crime of targeting women’ condolence which killed 8 women.

The report also stated that the number of martyrs in Khawlan directorate reached 35 martyrs, including 13 of Bani Dhibyan and 33 martyrs of Sanhan and Bani Bahlul districts, while the number of martyrs in Bani Hushaish directorate reached 33 martyrs as well as 29 martyrs of Blad AlRos, 22 martyrs of Bani Matar, 22 martyrs of al-Himah and 20 martyrs in Hamdan directorate.

The report noted that nine citizens were martyred in Sa’afan directorate by Saudi American aggression airstrikes as well as six others citizens martyred   in al-Haimah and three others in Manakha’a district.