Saudi Aggression Continues Its Horrific Massacres Against Yemenis


Al-Thawra Net

The Saudi-American aggression and its mercenaries continued its horrific massacres against the Yemeni people and to target public and private property over the past few hours.

A military source told Saba that 60 citizens were killed and dozens others were injured, including women and children, in the attack by the US-Saudi Arabian Air Force on houses of civilians, paramedics, ambulances and al-Masirah channel crew in Hajjah province.

The source clarified that the aggression warplanes carried out one raid on a car in Easnim district of Baqim directorate, killing one citizen and wounding three others.

The source noted that the Saudi-American aggression warplanes launched two raids on the Aqaba area in Manran, a raid on the al-Manghal area of El-Zahir district, and six raids on Buq and al-Ajasher areas in Kitaf district of Sa’ada province.

Moreover, the aggression warplanes carried out nine riads on al-Daylami military air base and six airstrikes on the Technical Institute in Bani al-Harith district as well as targeting the Guards School in al-Thawra district.

The same source added that the aggression warplanes carried out one raid on al-​​Hamli area in Mawza’a district  of Taiz province,  raid on Asilan directorate in Shabwa province, and also one raid on al-Mtoon  district in al-Jawf province.

According to the source, Saudi-American warplanes launched two raids on al-Shurfa’a site in Najran.