3 billion Losses of Technical and Industrial Sectors in Sanaa


Al-Thawra Net

Yemen lost nearly YR 3 billion and 247 million in Sana’a province due to the Saudi-led coalition attacks on in the technical and industrial institutes during the last three years. According to the report of the damage inventory committee.

A report issued by the Office of Technical and Vocational Education in the province stated that the aggression targeted the Industrial Technical Institute in Jahana district.

The report lists this institute as the most affected, the institute was almost entirely destructed by more than 12 raids. The estimated cost of reconstruction and restoration is up to one billion and 187 million and 530 thousand riyals

The report pointed out that the aggression partially destroyed the administrative, educational building, the students and teachers’ housing in Manakhah Institute. The estimated cost of reconstruction and restoration is up to one billion and 766 million and 703 thousand riyals.

The aggression, also, destroyed the dining hall, the Dean’s building and the educational building in the Institute of Technical Trade in Al-Hymah. Estimated total cost of losses is up to 570 million and 775 thousand riyals

The report, also, pointed out that the technical institute in Hamdan district was targeted by four raids that led to a complete destruction of the building, damaged the workshops and hangars.

Total estimated cost of these damages is up to YR 574 million and 666 thousand. The report mentioned that the aerial aggression targeted the vocational industrial institute in Bani Matar, destructing the Institute’s workshops, furniture, and building equipment.

Total estimated cost for these losses is up to 148 million and 107 thousand riyals.

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